Why now is the best time to buy land

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Land is one of the hottest assets nowadays. Its demand keeps soaring with no signs of slowing down. Investors focus mostly on property real estate, neglecting land, which is probably the most important asset. We fail to understand every asset is constructed on a piece of land, i.e. there will be no houses, condos, apartments, REITS, etc. without land. Even amidst this pandemic, there is still an increase in the demand for land. I know the question on most of your minds – Why is there an increase in the demand for land and why should I buy land now? Worry not! In this writeup, we will discuss the reasons why you should invest in land real estate now. Read on!

Anticipated Price Increase

I’m guessing all of you already thought of this. It’s basic Economics! An increase in demand leads to an increase in price. No one wants to buy a piece of land at double the price. I’m guessing you don’t either. In order to avoid this, you should purchase your land now! The price will be significantly lower than the price in the coming months. This will happen sooner rather than later.  A great place to find land for sale is on Acrebin

Increased Demand for Accommodation

The coronavirus pandemic has destabilized the economy in ways we could never imagine. This has led to a change in the way things work. Most companies switched advised their staff to switch to remote work. This increased the demand for living spaces, which in turn leads to the demand for land for construction. You could decide to buy land now either for the construction of residential real estate, or you could buy and sell at a higher price in the future. Either way, you will make profit from this purchase.


Coronavirus has been a catylst to one of the largest land grabs in American history.  Hashtage like #WorkFromRural have been trending on social media platform.  American families want to get out of the cities and are buying up land at record paces.  This will completely change to demographic look of rural America.  Before 2020 people needed to live within a reasonable distance from their place of employment, no almost anyone can work from anywhere.  

Landowners considering selling may enter the market to conver their land to cash creating inventory that has otherwise been scarce.  People living in cities can sell their home for top dollar and buy more land and get more house in the country.  Allowing them to grow their own food and enjoy some elbow room.  Land gives children a place to run and play, and offers a slower pace of life allowing parents and children to connect on a deeper more meaningful level.  

You can make a lot of money buying and selling land, especially in 2021, the personal benefits of land ownership will building wealth are imeasurable.  Land ownership is the American dream, land ownership is conservation, land ownership is something you should consider now, before you get priced out of the market.