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Let's us introduce you to the World. This is very cost effective and efficient. Yes, not mere words but exact figures. Approximately 15,000 unique visitors come to the FrienditePlus site every day and it’s increasing by day.  They view an average of 20 pages each.  That means we have around 5.5 million unique visits a year. Let us market you to this figure.


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We don't stop here but furthermore we give the opportunity to promote your advert at our associated websites, the readers of which belong to every class. All our websites are about latest news and social networking.


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You can either target your advertising locally or generally, to all our visitors.  We rotate all adverts, so that a number of adverts on every “advertising” page shown. Your advert can never be placed statically out of sight.  Over a given period, every advert has the same chance of being seen.


You can target your advertising by location, too.


Advertising on our website is new.  The first few advertisements we take will be viewed thousands of times a week. To make the most of this offer, subscribe now.


We shall close the offer when we have 200 adverts because we want to make it worth your while to advertise with us.  So your advert will be viewed once for every twenty-page view.  To put it another way, it will be seen, on average by every third site visitor. That adds up to well over 29 million people a year




Interested? This is very simple to move on if you have decided to avail this right time opportunity.  Your advert will be text/image only (300x250, 720x90).  Just give us your text/image and the URL and make a payment for one year online.


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